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How To Become A

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Looking to make some money as a webcam model? Becoming a webcam model is simple and easy. All you need is a computer and a webcam. The network takes care of all the technology applications, and all you have to do is get online and have some fun. This website will guide you through the process, and give you some helpful hints and tips on how to succeed in the camming world.

Get Paid As An Adult Webcam Performer

Get paid performing live on webcam! Work from home, set your own hours and perform whatever kinds of shows you want to perform. The earning potential is limitless and there are adult webcam models making thousands of dollars per day!

Guide To Getting Started With Adult Camming

Adult camming can be an incredibly profitable profession. It’s also something that you can do out of the comfort of your home. Getting started is incredibly easy. The only requirement is that you’re over the age of eighteen, and have all the equipment. This guide will go over the process of getting started as an adult webcam model.

This guide will also present to you some helpful tips to helping you get started. This includes everything you need to know about protecting yourself and your privacy online, how to promote your shows and services and much more.

How Much Do Webcam Models Make?

This is always the first question people ask. It’s also a very difficult question to answer. The earnings are performance-based. There is no set salary or hourly wage. The various sites will provide the  platform for streaming and generate tons of traffic for the models. From there, it’s up to the models to get tipped or taken to private chat (charged per minute). The networks will take a cut to cover expenses and their profit margins. That percentage varies from site to site.

The earning potential is based on a wide number of things. Personality, attractiveness, streaming quality and type of shows / performances all impact the earning potential. Camming is highly interactive, so models that do better with people typically earn more. It’s also important to note that once you build up a fan-base and some good regular customers, you’ll enjoy better earnings. Earning a couple hundred bucks per day is possible, and not uncommon. There’s also going to be slow days.

While many models enjoy success, camming isn’t for everyone and there are models that don’t make money. It’s important going into it to know that success isn’t guaranteed and earnings need to be worked for, it’s not handed to you on a silver platter. The linked-to article below explains the different factors that impact a model’s earning potential.

What’s Required To Get Started

There’s some things you’ll need before you can get started. This includes all the hardware and everything needed to broadcast. Here’s what is required in order to get started as an adult webcam model:

(1)In order to get started camming, you must be eighteen years old or older. You’ll also need a digital copy of photo Id when registering for any of the sites. This is for age verification purposes and something that all sites are required to do by federal law. All sites need to verify that anyone performing is over the age of eighteen. That information must be documented a certain way. This is something that all adult networks will require.

(2)You’ll need a computer to run the camming software. Any modern laptop or PC should be able to run the camming software. The requirements aren’t that great. If you need to purchase a computer to get started, anything brand new should work perfectly. Most camming sites will work with both Windows or Mac, but there’s some that require the Windows OS. Check your camming site’s requirements when registering.

(3)A direct internet connection is highly preferred. It’ll make your shows that much faster and more clear. Wifi connections will work, but it’s not recommended. The faster the internet the better. The internet must be high-speed. Networks won’t allow models with too slow of internet connections, and you’ll need to high-speed internet to keep the shows from lagging anyway. You won’t get a full chatroom or make very much money without high-speed internet.

(4)You’ll definitely want an HD webcam. You can pick one up on Amazon for under $100. Most networks require an HD webcam. There are some networks that will let you register with a stock laptop webcam, and that’s alright to start if it’s your only option. If you’re starting with a stock laptop webcam, you’ll want to upgrade this ASAP! Consider tossing it up on a Wishlist and offer up some free content or shows if someone purchases one for you.

(5)You’re camming location is really important. You’re going to want a clean place that is private and secure. The last thing you’d want is someone walking in on you in the middle of a performance. Besides being very embarrassing, it’s a distraction from the actual show and there’s privacy concerns. What if whoever walks in on you calls you by your first name while knocking or entering? You’re going to want a clean and clutter-free area with nothing that’ll distract the audience from you. Make sure the lighting is as good as possible and there’s plenty of room for you to perform.

(6)Before you register for any of the sites, you’re going to want to pick out a stage name. Your stage name should be a real name, just not your real name. Don’t pick a username, especially one that uses words such as “teen” or “18” which might not be applicable to you in the next couple of years. It’s alright to go by a username, but you’re still going to want a [fake] name to associate to that username. That way people have a name they can refer to you by. This is the name you’re going to go by when registering for any networks, social media sites and any other websites.

Suggested Additional Equipment

There’s also some things that aren’t necessarily required, but will make your shows better. Here’s a list of suggested items:

(1)You’ll want a wide selection of outfits to wear during your performance. It’s best to have different layers that you can take off to make the show more teasing and incentivize people to keep tipping to keep you taking it off. Having different outfits allows you to change your shows up.  You’ll want anything you’re wearing to be as sexy as possible, of course. If you’re doing any kind of costume-play shows, you’ll need the appropriate outfits for them. Lingerie is something that you can purchase as you start making money, if you don’t already have the selection.

(2)It’s beneficial to have a wide selection of toys. The more toys you have, the more variation you can have in your shows. It’s worth having all your toys on display in the area you’re camming in, even if you’re not currently planning on using them. It lets the customers know all the options available. It also lets them know you’re serious about camming and providing high-quality shows with lots of action. Certain toys might be required for performing certain kinds of shows and the more toys you have the greater the options available.

(3)Think about what kind of shows you want to perform. Certain shows might require certain things. For example, you’ll need body oil if you’re planning on doing an oil show. You’ll need different food items if you’re planning on doing a food fetish show. You get the idea. Consider what other props or items might be good to have around the house. You don’t need to acquire everything at once, but the more prepared you are, the wider range of shows you can perform.

(4)You’re going to want good lighting for the location you’ll be camming at. You might get lucky and already have your room (or wherever else you’ll be camming) setup in a way where the light is already going to be great. If not, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to shift some lamps and other lights around to make it work. If this isn’t the case, it’s worth going shopping for some cheap lamps you can set up around the room. Play around with the lighting and see how you look on cam. Keep doing this until you’ve got the lighting setup to perfection. Not all rooms are the same, therefore not all rooms require the same lighting arrangement.

(5)Wireless mouses and keyboards are useful for creating a cleaner and better camming environment. This way, you don’t have to be right in front of your computer in order to constantly be typing or clicking. You have the option of laying on your bed or you can at least be lounging in a much more comfortable position. Be sure to keep extra batteries close by, in case one of the two runs out.

Privacy Concerns: Protecting Your Identity

Privacy and security concerns are huge for all adult performers. Many people don’t want to make it public knowledge what they’re doing. Here are some ways you can protect your privacy and remain safe online.

(1)Before you even register for a camming network, the first thing you’ll want to do is pick out the name you’ll be performing under. Obviously for privacy reasons, you don’t want to use your real name. It’s suggested you use an actual name (just not yours) instead of a screen-name like CuteBrunetteChikxxx69. It gives your fans a name to call you. Pick out a name that sounds sexy and you like. Bonus points if you can also make it clever or fun.

(2)Most cam networks have features to let you block out specific regions. Some let you block out specific states (USA models) while some are limited to blocking entire countries. Check out the privacy protection features when comparing camming networks. You’ll most likely want to block areas where there might be someone you know. This helps prevent people you know in real life discovering your profession.

(3)If you build a website for your camming services, it’s highly suggested that you purchase WHOIS protection when purchasing your website name. WHOIS contains data on the website owner and operator. For an additional small fee (usually around $10 per year) you can hide this information. This will prevent people from learning your real identity.

(4)Cam sites have the ability to block specific regions. This isn’t possible with social media accounts. This is important to know when building up a social media following. This is also a reality when registering for any network or site outside of your camming network. These sites might also not have regional blocking capabilities. Also make sure that any camera or cell phone isn’t saving geographical data as metadata inside images posted to social media accounts.

(5)Many of the camming sites allow you to block specific regions. This regional blocking doesn’t do anything for you if your content is being pirated and posted on other sites. Major tube sites, torrent sites and other websites don’t block people you might know from accessing it. Luckily there’s some ways to fight stolen and pirated content. Learn more!

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